Sunday, October 25, 2015

****Space Coast Fishin Forecast****
Well folks it has happened.  The super high water conditions of our past few weeks are starting to recede.  North winds are ushering tons of water south after it was stuck in place.  With this fish are on the move, couple that with the fall cool down and bait migrations and hold on, because the fishing is red hot on the IRL, BRL, and M. Lagoon.  As this water drops slowly many fish that have found their way into the flooded backwaters will make their way to more open flats.  Both bait and gamefish will make this transition so be sure to check the outflows and areas adjacent to “backwater” marshes for concentrations of bait.  The predators won’t be far behind!   Topwater plugs in low light and Slayer Inc. SST’s as the sun climbs should have you on fish the entire day.   Look for the slot reds to be pushed from our mangrove shorelines as this water drops also.  They should stage just off the shoreline and be really hungry.

Snapped this pic to show how much water we have lost in the past few days.  This is seagrass hung in the base of a tree by the high water, and the contrast of color shows that drop real well.  This is as close as we will ever get to tides on our lagoons.  

The Juvi poons have already started to shift off the flats and this drop in water will speed that process.  The canals and ditches will hold their fish a bit longer, but the sight of school up juvi’s all over a flat is one you might not see until next summer.  If you do find that group in open water, I suggest you cherish the moment and put some silver in the air, because it will soon become a novelty. 

Mullet are still coming, though the run seems to be weakening on the beach.   Snook can still be had along with some epic mixed bag fishing.  Just cause it’s a bit choppy doesn’t mean that the beach is shut down so go and hit it before that comes to a close too.

Being the end of summer/early fall the redfish spawn is still in full swing, and this filling out of the moon will have them happy.  Please be respectful of this fishery.  Use proper gear to handle a 25lb + fish in a timely manner.  Schools can be found on open flats along with groups of fish in Haulover, and even in the Canaveral Bight.

A great client fish this week. 

The wind is backing off as we come into this week so some great opportunities are at hand.  I have several days open this week including Sat/Sun (rescheduled trip) , So give Local Lines a call to get on some fish.

Also, any grass reports would be awesome.  I’ve been seeing some scary stuff as the water is cleaning up, and wondered if others have also seen this.   Post on my FB page if you’re seeing bare lagoon bottom where it wasn’t a few weeks back.