Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall/winter fishing report from a few years back

                                         Local Lines FSFA Report

                  Fishing on the Lagoons has been solid with many of our year-round resident fish finally getting into their winter pattern.  Most of the small mullet have left the flats for deep canals, and only return to the shallows for the late morning warmup.  The Predators are doing the same!  I look for the large Black Mullet to signify the movement of fish from deeper overnight waters.  The trout and redfish will accompany these big mullet on and off the flats.  If I don’t see big mullet I don’t fish!  As with every year the Black Drum has invaded our winter flats.  These fish will tail just like their cousin the redfish.  Though you can take the smaller and bigger versions on soft plastics like Slayer SST paddle tails, DOA Shrimp, and Gulp shrimp, but for your best chance a fresh dead shrimp or half blue crab is the ticket.  Sight fishing is the way to get our shots in water from 1-3ft. deep. 
Hot Colors (Artificial) This Week: Black and Gold, Molting, white, new penny..

Sometimes it’s just fun to hook a fish!  Leaving the stress of challenging species for some fun is not only good for you, but a great way to involve novice anglers and kids.  The cooler months of the Space Coast can get the shrimp flowing.  The seatrout know and exploit this every year.  Now most of these aren’t going to be your big giant “Gator” trout; those will be hot-to-trot soon enough.  These little scrappy trout will be 12-20inches and all the fun you can handle on light tackle.  6wt or less fly gear is also a blast with them.  All the causeways will have these trout at night and plenty of them have good access.  The 2½ inch Savage Gear Mantic Shrimp is a must use on spinning gear in the 6lb. line class.  This durable little shrimp can stand up to a bunch of fish and keep working well.  The smaller lures the better if you’re looking for fast non-stop action.  Fly’s the mimic small baitfish/minnows and small shrimp can be deadly effective. Go have fun and enjoy some catching; not fishing!

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