Friday, October 27, 2017

Past Forecast Sept16

September is on the calendar and fall is just around the corner.  Two words should fill every kayak anglers mind when it comes to this time of the year.  Mullet Run!  No, we are not reliving the bad hair fad from the 80’s.  I am speaking of the fall mullet (baitfish) run that will engulf the entire east coast from now until October.  For those that have not witnessed the spectacle of massive mullet pods being demolished by every predator we like.  Now is your chance!  When cold fronts dip into the Deep South and typically far before we feel even a chill, mullet of every size will start their yearly push southward.  From finger mullet to giant (hog leg) mullet they all shift through our waters on an endless march to the warm winter waters of South Florida.  As they pass by our coast the gamefish take notice.  In the lagoons Snook and Tarpon will feed hard in preparation for winter.  Many times they leave with the bait if the weather cools early.  Our resident redfish and seatrout will also look to do the same, though they don’t leave with the bait.  Topwater plugs and soft plastics like the SST mimic the readily available mullet and have you in the fish for sure.  I always tend to have a topwater rigged at all times for actively feeding fish.  The lagoons can be great at these times, but where the real action goes down is the Atlantic.  Miles of bait pour down the beaches in steady streams.  Live baiting in the surf zone and just outside of the breakers can be phenomenal for us kayakers after a beach launch.  I’ll fish finger mullet on a fishfinder rig with typically 1oz of weight.  Using 30-40lb leader and 3/0 hook to finish the rig.  Keep yourself and kayak a safe distance out from the break and cast towards the shore.  Maintain the line and hang on.  Everything from redfish, snook, bluefish, flounder, jacks and more will give you a tug.  For large Jacks, Sharks, Giant Tarpon, and even kingfish look to slow troll Large (8-12inch) Mullet on a 8/0 Circle hook with 4-6 foot of 60lb leader. Many times the surf can be a challenge for beach launching kayakers at this time of year.  When the breakers exceed your comfort level look to launch from the boat ramp at Port Canaveral for an easy go of it!  Fishing inside the port, and the beaches north or south will have you in steady action.  The areas around Sebastian Inlet will also be alive with tons of bait and hungry predators.  For the artificial crowd lipped plugs are king, 40-60lb leader and a good selection of floating and sinking plugs will have you set.  Fish the floaters in the breakers and the sinkers outside for Tarpon and such.  Those of us who have fished this area for a number of years know the current condition of our lagoon is unsustainable.  We have an opportunity to secure solid funding through the proposed lagoon Tax.  Is the plan that’s been devised enough to fix these lagoons?  Sadly no, but it is a start down what will be a long path of recovery.  And certainly the first time we’ve had an opportunity of this magnitude.  So please help us stand up for these amazing waterways.             

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